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Great Lakes Accountability System (GLAS)

GLAS Status

Each quarter GLRI funding recipients must submit their data into GLAS. The GLAS system is available for editing by the recipients for a two-week period. When the data entry has been completed EPA reviews the data. While this EPA review is under way the editing ability of funding recipients is disabled.


January 2014 Reporting Timeline
January 1-15: Recipients submit/update information in GLAS
January 16-30: EPA reviews reports

April 2014 Reporting Timeline
April 1-15: Recipients submit/update information in GLAS
April 16-30: EPA reviews reports


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Request Account and password reset

Recipients may request a new GLAS account or a password reset at Please note: GLAS passwords expire every 90 days

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Webinars and Training

Training in use of GLAS and GLAS account maintenance and an overview of GLAS documentation will be provided in webinars.

Watch video of a previous webinar.

GLAS version 1.1 training webinar (April 25, 2011)

Reporting Guidance

GLAS user guide

GLAS User Guide Version 1.11 (PDF, 24pp, 589K) March 2012