Information for Grantees

August 17, 2015

GLRI Funding Recipients:

The GLRI agencies have evaluated their data reporting and verification procedures and have determined that GLRI funding recipients will no longer enter data into the Great Lakes Accountability System. This term and condition (data entry into GLAS) of EPA and other grants will not be enforced.

Instead, the federal agencies may pull the necessary data from your quarterly, semi-annual, and/or final reports.

For your information, GLAS has been archived and is no longer accessible for data entry. A new data system (Environmental Accomplishments in the Great Lakes [EAGL]) has been developed for data entry by the federal agencies. Building upon the lessons learned from GLAS, the EAGL system affords enhanced data quality assurance/quality control. The individual federal agencies that receive GLRI funding and provide funding to the grantees will assume the GLRI data entry and reporting responsibility for the projects they fund. 

Please take special note that this does not change your responsibilities for timely submission of regular quarterly, semi-annual, and/or final reporting to the federal agencies. In fact, the content and timeliness of your reports is critical because the federal agencies must rely on those reports to deliver the information into the EAGL system.

We request that funding recipients work closely with their federal funding agencies so that the agencies can enter the data into the EAGL system accurately, and on time. We would especially appreciate your cooperation to support any request your funding agency may make in the coming days, to assist them in reporting on GLRI progress achieved since October 1st, 2014.

Please feel free to contact your project officer, Sharon Jaffess, GLNPO’s Policy Coordination and Communications Branch Chief (312-353-0536/, or Ken Klewin (312-886-4794 / ) should you have any questions regarding this message.