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GLRI Funding Allows for Enhanced Protection of Fish Spawning Habitat

Stamp sands on the Keweenaw Peninsula

(Nov. 21, 2018) Additional GLRI funding will let the U.S. Army Corps of EngineersĀ  dredge an additional 50,000 cubic yards of stamp sands from the ancient riverbed area north of Buffalo Reef in Lake Superior known as the 'trough'. This additional dredging will delay further sedimentation caused by the littoral drift of the stamp sands into the reef and the juvenile whitefish recruitment area south of the harbor. Dredging is scheduled to begin during spring 2019 and complete during summer 2019.

Read the full USACE News Release: Additional Funding for Stamp Sands Project - Nov. 20, 2018

Keweenaw Peninsula Stamp Sands Dredging Project in Lake Superior - September 2018