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Saginaw Bay Reef Restoration Documentary Released

Coreyon title screen

(Feb. 10, 2020) The Saginaw Bay Watershed Initiative Network and The Conservation Fund have released a 15-minute documentary, titled Coreyon, that details the background, need, and ultimately the reconstruction of one of Saginaw Bay’s historically important spawning reefs. Coreyon Reef is a Lake Huron rock reef essential for native fish diversity and a major contributor to the value of Saginaw Bay’s local fishery.

In 2018, GLRI supported the state of Michigan to restore Coreyon Reef, a rock reef in Saginaw Bay and to improve fish and wildlife habitat in the Lake Huron Watershed. To restore the reef, Michigan DNR and partners placed approximately 5,000 cubic yards of rock material at the reef site to mimic naturally formed reef. The project created additional spawning habitat for native fish and helped support a more resilient and diverse fish population.

More information on how GLRI supports Saginaw Bay reef restoration: