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Bigelow Creek Story Map Illustrates Progress in Improving Aquatic Organism Passage

a small fish lies in a person's open hand
A brook trout, a GLRI Action Plan III priority species, found in Bigelow Creek.

A story map titled, “Reconnecting Coldwater Habitat in Bigelow Creek” illustrates the progress that has been made by Trout Unlimited and its partners in creating improved aquatic organism passage where cold water stream habitats meet roads in Newaygo County, Mich. The Bigelow Creek watershed within this county was identified as a priority area for improving road-stream crossings. Bigelow Creek is a thermal refuge for numerous fish species in the larger Muskegon River watershed.

Work in the Bigelow Creek watershed focuses on improving the ability of aquatic animals to travel to and from different areas of high-quality habitat that are otherwise blocked by roads. Notably, it is improving the passage of brook trout, a GLRI Action Plan III priority species, and brown trout. The work is supported by GLRI and other partners.

View the Story Map: Reconnecting Coldwater Habitat in Bigelow Creek

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