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United States and Canada Release 2019 State of the Great Lakes Highlights Report

Cover of the 2019 State of the Great Lakes report

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Environment and Climate Change Canada have released the 2019 State of the Great Lakes (SOGL) report, which provides an overview of the status and trends of the Great Lakes ecosystem.

2019 State of the Great Lakes Highlights Report (PDF, 21 pp)

Overall, Great Lakes water quality is assessed as “fair and unchanging.” While progress to restore and protect the Great Lakes has occurred, including the reduction of toxic chemicals, challenges cited in the report include invasive species and excess nutrients that contribute to toxic and nuisance algae. GLRI projects support United States progress in restoring and protecting the Great Lakes.

The SOGL report is developed in accordance with the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement and provides a summary of the health of the Great Lakes. The assessment is made based on indicators of ecosystem health, such as drinking water, fish consumption and beach closures. Over 180 government and non-government Great Lakes scientists and other experts worked to assemble available data and prepare the report.

SOGL Reports on

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