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Four Piping Plovers Hatch in Toledo, Ohio

A piping plover stands in the sand behind a wire fence
Piping plover keeping watch over four eggs in Maumee State Park Photo Credit: Tim Daniel

GLRI funding is supporting the recovery of the endangered piping plovers. The latest good news is that Nellie and Nish, a piping plover pair, have mated and nested at Maumee Bay State Park, in the Maumee Area of Concern in Toledo, Ohio. Four chicks hatched after their eggs were watched around the clock by nearly 100 volunteers.

Nellie and Nish were hatched last year and traveled a great distance to find each other in Toledo, Ohio. Nish was born to Monty and Rose last year at Montrose Beach in Chicago. Nellie was born last year at the delisted Presque Isle AOC in Pennsylvania. 

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