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Guided by the GLRI Action Plan, the Federal agencies of the GLRI’s Regional Working Group coordinate to select the best combination of programs, projects, and activities to achieve GLRI goals. GLRI funding accelerates environmental progress in the Great Lakes by supplementing their existing funds. Toward that end, the agencies use a variety of tools including:

  • interagency agreements
  • project agreements
  • negotiated grants and contracts
  • competitive awards
  • competitive grant solicitations are announced through

Twice a year the RWG agencies identify the projects that they have funded under GLRI. Jump to table of all projects.

Summary Table

Summary information about GLRI projects in this table is based on the list of projects through September 30, 2020.

Agency Funding Projects
Totals $2,896,900,447 5,869
APHIS $13,256,616 67
ATSDR $14,860,739 12
BIA $78,255,088 618
CDC $ 4,045,662 6
EPA $1,091,867,550 1319
FHWA $6,705,858 12
FS $103,117,632 182
FWS $424,416,347 1470
MARAD $24,417,300 13
NOAA $272,185,556 380
NPS $47,660,300 163
NRCS $201,933,307 67
USACE $385,227,220 886
USCG $17,158,526 54
USGS $211,792,746 320

*This amount includes funding provided to states, tribes and other governmental entities, as well as funding for Great Lakes Legacy Act work.

Project Map

Explore the GLRI Project Map (opens in new window)


Spreadsheet Column Explanations

  • Funder: the Federal agency managing the project.
  • Year: the fiscal year in which the project funding was appropriated.
  • GLRI Amount: the dollar amount of the GLRI funding the project received for the given fiscal year.
  • Project Type: project funding or scope types: new, continuation, etc. "Continuation" means incremental funding of an on-going project. "Increase" means an increase in funding. “Revision” means a change in the scope and/or a decrease in the funding.
  • Project Title: the official title of the project.
  • Recipient Name: the organization actually doing the work for the identified project.
  • Project Description: a short description of the project, such as who is going to do what and where.
  • Focus Area: the Action Plan focus area under which the project line is funded.
  • Project Start Date: the date that the project began or is planned to begin.
  • Project End Date: the date that the project work ended or is planned to end.
  • Affected States: the state(s) in which the project takes place.
  • Latitude and Longitude columns: location of the “project location”. The purpose is to provide a single symbolic location for the project.

Project Table

Use the sort and search options on this table to locate specific GLRI projects or sets of projects. For additional data and granularity, download the Excel spreadsheet of all GLRI projects.