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Guided by the GLRI Action Plan, the Federal agencies of the GLRI’s Regional Working Group coordinate to select the best combination of programs, projects, and activities to achieve GLRI goals. GLRI funding accelerates environmental progress in the Great Lakes by supplementing their existing funds. Toward that end, the agencies use a variety of tools including interagency agreements, project agreements, negotiated grants and contracts, and competitive awards. Competitive grant solicitations are announced through

Twice annually the Federal agencies of the GLRI’s Regional Working Group identify the projects that they have funded under GLRI.

Summary information about that funding, based on information available as of February 2018, is included in the embedded spreadsheet and in the table below.

Spreadsheet of all GLRI projects - February 2018

Explore the new GLRI Project Map (opens in new window)

Summary information about GLRI projects in this table is based on the information available as of February 2018.

Agency Projects Funding Contact
Totals 3,956 $2,076,171,482  
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry 11 $13,813,000 Janathan L. Jackson (
Bureau of Indian Affairs 304 $38,713,109 Jessica Koski (
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 5 $3,455,662 Virginia Roberts (
DOT Federal Highway Administration 12 $6,705,858 Brian Smith (
DOT Maritime Administration 9 $17,439,781 Carolyn Junemann (
Environmental Protection Agency* 1053 $856,840,322* Nick Green (
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 262 $198,568,179 Rebecca Held (
National Park Service 101 $36,364,814 Erin Williams (
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 694 $282,859,969 Carl A. Platz (
U.S. Coast Guard 53 $15,580,261 Lorne Thomas (
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 872 $271,432,702 Annette Trowbridge (
U.S. Geological Survey 152 $100,738,478 Jon Hortness (
USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service 42 $9,401,174 John E. McConnell (
USDA Forest Service 114 $71,397,860 Nick Vrevich (
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service 272 $152,860,313 Edwin Martinez-Martinez (

*This amount includes funding provided to states, tribes and other governmental entities, as well as funding for Great Lakes Legacy Act work.