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Science and Information Subcommittee

In 2016, EPA formed the Science and Information Subcommittee (SIS), an independently appointed subcommittee of the Great Lakes Advisory Board, in response to the GLAB’s call for a standing science panel.

The SIS assists the Board in providing ongoing advice to the EPA Administrator in his capacity as Chair of the Interagency Task Force (IATF) on Great Lakes technical issues, including on adaptive management, the process of learning from past decisions to make GLRI decisions more effective. The SIS may provide other recommendations as requested by the IATF.


J David Allan, Co-Chair - Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan
Joan Rose, Co-Chair -  Professor, Michigan State University

Contact: SIS Designated Federal Officer (DFO)

  • Kathryn Buckner – President, 
    Council of Great Lakes Industries
  • Steve Cole – Chief Information Officer, 
    Great Lakes Commission
  • Abigail Derby Lewis – Conservation Ecologist, 
    The Field Museum
  • Hugh Gorman – Professor,
    Michigan Technological University
  • Galen McKinley – Associate Professor, 
    University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • Kelli Paige – Executive Director, 
    Great Lakes Observing System
  • James Ridgway – Vice President, 
    Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc.
  • Michelle Selzer – Lake Coordinator, 
    Michigan Office of the Great Lakes
  • Dr. Alan Steinman – Professor, 
    Grand Valley State University
  • Dr. Deborah Swackhamer – Professor Emeritus, 
    University of Minnesota
  • Dr. Michael Twiss – Professor, 
    Clarkson University


Request for Nominations of Experts to the Science and Information Subcommittee May 20, 2015
In May 2015, EPA announced the formation of a new Science and Information Subcommittee (SIS) of the Great Lakes Advisory Board and requested nominations of experts to be considered for appointment to the SIS.